sparkle and shine.

We want you looking your best out on the water, so let our professionals take care of any of your detailing needs. Our detailing services include:

  •        wash
  •        power polishing
  •        carpet shampoo
  •        upholstery cleaning and conditioning
  •        hull scum and algae removal 
  •        engine detailing
  •        stainless steel polishing
  •        cover cleaning 


Don’t let the value of your boat fade away!

The only way to keep your boat looking great for long periods of time is through regular maintenance of your boat’s surfaces. Exposure to the sun leads to oxidization of your gelcoat and faded color. Some sure ways to help keep your finish in premium condition include all of the following:

  •  Wash

It sounds basic, but washing removes loose contaminants from the surface. If allowed to remain, the contaminants could eventually bond or etch the surface. Only use recommended pH balanced and biodegradable boat soaps, which wont strip the wax from your boats surface and doesn’t harm the aquatic life.

  • Clean, Polish, and Protect

To achieve a showroom shine, multiple steps need to be followed for the best result and longevity. Firstly, surface must be prepped by cleaning above surface contaminants, then remove any water-spotting, scratches, and any oxidization. Follow this with a polish to bring out your boat’s brilliant shine. Finally, apply a final stage wax to protect against the sun’s UV rays and also keep foreign contaminants out.

  • Cover

Cover your boat when it’s not being used, and store indoors if not being used for long periods of time. Ask us about a custom cover if you have constant exposure in one direction or if you need storage cover. 



Exterior Wash & Window Clean $4 / ft
Waterspot Removal $4 / ft
Acid Wash $8 / ft
Interior Clean $13.50 / ft
Carpet Shampoo
$4 / ft
Hull Polish below the Chine* $12 / ft
One stage polish*
$14 / ft
Cut, Polish, and Seal* $22 / ft

Gelcoat Restoration*

(fierce oxidization) 

$30 / ft


Detailing  Packages


$15 / ft
• Exterior wash & Window Clean

• Interior Clean and Vacuum  


$25.00/ ft
• Exterior Wash & Window Clean

• Upholstery Clean & Condition

• Interior Clean and Vacuum

• Trailer Wash & Shine

• Power Polish  


$35.00 / ft
• Exterior Wash & Window Clean

• Upholstery Clean & Condition

• Interior Clean

• Shampoo Carpets

• Cut, Polish, and Seal

• Trailer Wash & Shine

• Metal Shine  

 * add $4.00 / ft for Cabin Cruisers


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