R21 Specs


Boat Length 21.5 ft 
Width Amidship 102 in 
Weight 4200 lbs
Fuel Capacity 48 gal 
Hull ConvexV
Seating 14
Color Options Electric Blue/Frost
Ballast 2400 lbs 
Engine Indmar 6.2L 360 V8 

Indmar Ford 6.2L 360

Luxe Paint

TAPS3 - Switch Surf System

Cover Surlast

Gussi Giazza Helm Wheel

Surf Bimini Black 

Single Heater

EIDB System

Surf+Wake XL Ballast System

Diamond Tower White + Anodized

Diamond Swivel Board Racks

R-Icon 8 Tower of Power

Dash Remote

Patented ConvexV Hull and the Coanda Effect

There’s a reason it performs like no other: Patent #6874441. Tige's ConvexV hull is shaped to work in synergy with the laws of physics and nature. Tige stands alone with a patented hull, designed to work with water—not against. The curved surface of Tige's convex hull utilizes the Coanda Effect to pull the boat deeper in the water. By eliminating the hook of the planing hull, the ConvexV produces a clean and perfectly formed wake/wave.

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